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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dewa Roman Experience

The Dewa Roman Experience celebrates the city of Chester's heritage as the Roman town of Dewa. Dewa was one of the largest Roman towns in Britain and home to the 20th legion.

The size of the Roman settlement was due to the fact that Dewa was planned as a forward operating base for the eventual invasion of Ireland - a military operation that in the end never took place.

Visitors to the Dewa Roman Experience can see exhibits of a Roman galley and walk through reconstructed streets of Roman Chester taking in a Roman barracks, a bath-house, granary, taverna and market stalls.

Also on display are finds from Saxon and medieval Chester and the different street levels can clearly be seen. The museum is a bit dark and gloomy it has to be said and a re-think on the layout may be in order.

Dewa Roman Experience, Chester

There's a gift shop and a fun place for kids, who can try on replicas of a Roman legionary's armour and try their hands at creating a Roman-era mosaic as well as sit on a Roman latrine and languish in a Roman jail.

Dewa Roman Experience, gaol

Dewa Roman Experience
Pierpoint Lane
Off Bridge Street
Tel: 01244 343407

The Dewa Roman Experience in Chester is a short walk south from Watergate and Eastgate streets. Dewa Roman Experience is one of Chester's main attractions along with the Roman Amphitheater, St John's Church, the Meadows, Grosvenor Park, the Rows, nearby Chester Cathedral, the River Dee and the Cross.

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