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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Portobello Road

Portobello Road is a street in the Notting Hill district of London. Every Saturday, Portobello Road is home to the Portobello Road Market, one of London's most famous street markets. Portobello Road Market is known for its second-hand clothing and antique dealers. There are also fruit and vegetable stalls in the market (see below), and these stalls are open throughout the week.

Portobello Road was built in the Victorian era. Before around 1850, Portobello Road was just a country lane connecting Portobello Farm with what is today Notting Hill. The Portobello Road Market began as a fresh-food market in the 19th century. Dealers of antiques began selling their wares there in the late 1940s and 50s. In addition to the market and every August since 1996, the Portobello Film Festival has been held in locations around Portobello Road.

Apart from the market's influence, Portobello Road's unique atmosphere stems from the diverse communities inhabiting the nearby area as well as the many restaurants and pubs in the area. The role of architecture cannot be understated as Portobello Road curves gracefully along most of its length. Victorian-era terraced houses and shops squeezed tightly together make for an intimate and attractive streetscape.

Visitors to Portobello Road may also want to visit the nearby Travel Bookshop or one of the many other London attractions such as the London Eye or Buckingham Palace.

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