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Monday, September 5, 2011

River Dee Chester

The River Dee flows through the town of Chester in the north west of England. The River Dee is approximately 110km long and forms part of the border between England and Wales. The source of the River Dee is in the mountains of Snowdonia but by the time the river enters Chester it is broad and smooth-running, ideal for the many boat rental companies offering row and paddle boats to tourists.

River Dee, Chester.

A number of bridges cross the Dee in Chester. These are the Queen's Park Suspension Bridge, the Old Dee Bridge pictured below and Grosvenor Bridge next to Chester Racecourse (The Roodee). Chester Weir, built by Hugh Lupus to supply power to his corn milling business is near the Old Dee Bridge.

River Dee, Chester.

The River Dee in Chester is a short walk from the Roman Amphitheater, St John's Church, the Meadows, Grosvenor Park, the Rows, Chester Cathedral and the Cross.

River Dee, Chester, Cheshire.

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