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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Woodbank Hall

Woodbank Hall in Woodbank Park, next to Vernon Park in Stockport, was built by architect Thomas Harrison between 1812-1814.

Woodbank Hall, Woodbank Park, Stockport

Woodbank Hall was the home of local industrialist Peter Marsland before being donated to Stockport Borough in 1921. The firm of Peter Marsland owned nearby Kingston Mill, which was a large cotton spinning factory.

Woodbank Hall, Woodbank Park, Stockport

Other places to see in and around the Stockport area in Greater Manchester include Stockport Market, Stockport Town Hall, St Mary's Church, Bramhall Hall, the Air Raid Shelters, Vernon Park, Kingston Mill, Lyme Park, the Viaduct and Stockport Hat Museum.

Woodbank Hall
Woodbank Park
Turncroft Lane
Map of Woodbank Park

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