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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wadworth Brewery Devizes

In 1875, Henry Wadworth purchased the old Northgate Brewery in Devizes and founded Wadworth & Co. The present Northgate Brewery (see below) was built in 1888.

Wadworths is famous for its 6X ale, but the company also produces other ales, including Henry's Original IPA, Horizon (a Golden Ale), Bishop's Tipple (a full-flavoured Golden Ale) and Strong In The Arm.

One remarkable fact about Wadworths is its continuing use of traditional shire horses to deliver their casked ales to local pubs in Devizes. Wadworths is one of only four breweries in the UK that still use horses to deliver ale. The sight of the shire horses is well known in Devizes, and nowadays the image is nearly synonymous with the town.

Wadworth recently opened an interactive Visitor Centre and gift shop at the brewery (see below). Visitors can tour the brewery as well as taste the Wadworth range of ales.

Visitors to the Wadworth Brewery may also want to visit some of the other Devizes attractions such as the Wiltshire Heritage Museum or Devizes Castle.

Wadworth Brewery Visitors Centre
New Park Street
SN10 1JW
Tel: 01380 732277

Wadworth Brewery Map

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