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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bath Skyline

Bath Skyline is composed of six miles of way-marked trails (see below). The Bath Skyline trail takes in a vast stretch of Bath's south-east skyline landscape and is famed for its wild flowers and elevated views.

Bath Skyline, UK

The walker on the Bath Skyline can encounter hidden valleys, tranquil woodlands and patchworks of meadows. The Batyh Skyline is rich in wildlife and features rare plant species. The Bath Skyline is perfect for picnics, kite flying and escaping from the city. There is also an Iron Age hill-fort, Roman settlement, and Sham Castle to be seen along the trail.

500 Acres of the Bath Skyline are owned and managed by the National Trust.

Visitors to the Bath Skyline may also want to view nearby Prior Park or the Dundas Aqueduct in Bath.

Bath Skyline Map

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