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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bushey Norwood

Bushey Norwood is the local name for a large field which was planted with trees in the 19th century to form parkland. Bushey Norwood is accessible via the Bath Skyline walking trail. Bushey Norwood is owned and operated by the National Trust.

In recent times, Bushey Norwood (see below) has been the site of numerous equestrain events, and it may have been the site of an 18th century horse race course. Three stones on the property are believed to be connected with that race course, but there is also speculation that the stones are connected to an ancient stone circle.

Bushey Norwood is a wonderful spot to search for wildlife (particularly birds) as well as wild flowers.

Visitors to Bushey Norwood may also want to visit the nearby American Museum, Sham Castle or Prior Park in Bath.

Bushey Norwood Map

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