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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vernon Park Stockport

Vernon Park, adjacent to Woodbank Park in Stockport is a Grade II listed Victorian public park that runs down from Turncroft Lane in Offerton to the Goyt Valley below.

Vernon Park Museum

Whereas Woodbank Park is an open-style expanse of woods and grass, Vernon Park is a more formal and carefully tended strolling park laid out in 1858 by Stockport Corporation on land donated to the town by George John Warren (Lord Vernon).

Local Stockport and Reddish mill workers helped in the construction of the park and to build some of the distinctive features of Vernon Park including the stone fountain made by the workers of Greg & Co at Albert Mill.

Vernon Park was given the early nickname of "Pinch Belly Park" due to this involvement of impoverished mill workers in its initial construction.

Vernon Park, Stockport

Vernon Park is Stockport's oldest public park and things to see in the park include the Vernon Park Museum, a rose garden, the renovated bandstand (a copy of the original Victorian/Edwardian original), a lily pond and two crown bowling greens.

Vernon Park, Stockport

Plants to be enjoyed in Vernon Park include pine trees, rhododendrons and a variety of ferns in the fernery. Fred Perry Way runs through the park, which is a short walk from the great tennis master's birthplace.

Other places of interest in and around Stockport in Greater Manchester include Stockport Town Hall, Stockport Air Raid Shelters, St Mary's Church, Bramhall Hall, Stockport Market, Fred Perry's birthplace, Woodbank Park, the Viaduct and Stockport Hat Museum.

Vernon Park Bowling Green Stockport.


Vernon Park
Turncroft lane

Map of Vernon Park

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