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Friday, March 30, 2012

192 Bus Stepping Hill to Piccadilly

The 192 bus is the work horse ploughing the A6 (Wellington Road) between the Rising Sun Pub in Hazel Grove and Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport and Piccadilly Station in Manchester. The 192 bus is estimated to carry over 9 million passengers a year and is one of the most used bus routes in the UK.

The 192 Bus travels north from either Hazel Grove or Stepping Hill past Great Moor, Stockport Grammar School and Stockport School in Davenport, St. George's ChurchStockport Town HallStockport Station, Stockport Precinct (Merseyway Shopping Centre), Heaton Chapel, Levenshulme, Longsight, Ardwick and onto to Manchester Piccadilly and Piccadilly Gardens.

The N192 is the night bus following the same route on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights every 10 minutes, until 3:40am from the Manchester end and 2:55am from Hazel Grove.

Look out for the green, hybrid #192 buses which have free WiFi.

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