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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tudor Style Buildings in Chester

Chester is well known for its plentiful original Tudor buildings as well as a number of more recent mock-Tudor constructions, many of them dating from the Victorian age.

These distinctive black and white timber buildings dot the city and include pubs such as The Bear & Billet Inn at 94 Lower Bridge Street, built in 1661 (see photograph below).

Tudor buildings were traditionally built from oak with the timbers stained from black tar as protection from the weather. The windows were leaded and the white effects are wattle and daub with an overlay of lime wash.

Chester's attractions include The Cross, Dewa Roman Experience, Chester's Roman Amphitheater, St John's Church, the Meadows, Grosvenor Park, Chester Cathedral, the River Dee and the Rows.

Chester prospered as a Tudor town and its heritage from those times can still be appreciated in its present day architecture, even though many of the buildings you see today in Tudor style are more recent constructs.

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