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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

James M Barrie's London Residence

100 Bayswater Road (also called Leinster Corner) is where James M Barrie wrote Peter Pan in a studio at the rear. James M Barrie moved here in 1902. The house overlooks Kensington Gardens, and it was here that he first met his neighbours' sons, George, Jack and Peter Llewelyn Davies.

James M Barrie became a friend of the Davies boys. Barrie joined in their games and enchanted them with magical tales. George, Jack and Peter  were the first to be told the story of a little boy called Peter Pan. This story was published as "The Little White Bird", and it was so successful that Barrie decided to produce Peter Pan as a play.

James M Barrie's London Residence, London, UK

Peter Pan was first performed at the Duke of York's Theatre in London on 27th December 1904 before a capacity audience. Peter Pan has since become one of the most recognised characters in children's literature.

James M Barrie's London Residence, London

James M Barrie's residence is located on Bayswater Road in London and sports a blue plaque as seen in the above pictures. Visitors to London may also want to visit the nearby Portobello Road or Buckingham Palace.

James M Barrie's residence map

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