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Friday, August 31, 2012

Chudleigh Carnival

The annual Chudleigh Carnival took place earlier this summer on Saturday July 21 and drew a large crowd of participants and spectators.

Chudleigh Carnival Pirate

The colourful procession of young and old included dancers, bagpipes, a pirate, majorettes, a Carnival Queen and many other people in all styles of fancy dress.

Chudleigh Carnival drummers

The carnival is part of the larger Chudfest which lasts from July 13-22 and also includes concerts, a ball, barn dance, a fun run and a 6-mile race.

Chudleigh Carnival grannies

Chudleigh Carnival Devon

Chudleigh Carnival, Devon, UK

Chudleigh is a short drive south west from Exeter on the A38. Chudleigh Market takes place on the High Street every Thursday.

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1 comment:

lana kwidzinski said...

please note Chudleigh Carnival is NOT part of Chudfest, they are 2 seperate organisations! Chudleigh Carnival has been happening since 1973 possible earlier, and chudfest only started in 2006 when chudleigh carnival was unable to take place due to there not being enough people in the committee but returned the following year! It is a great tradition, one we hope to keep going and improve in the year to come! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chudleigh-Carnival/177664659034305