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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peveril Castle Castleton

Peveril Castle overlooks the picturesque town of Castleton in the Derbyshire Peak District and affords wonderful views over the surrounding countryside and the town below.

Peveril Castle is largely ruined but enough of the castle remains, supplemented by the excellent explanation panels, to make paying the admission to visit the castle worthwhile.

Years ago Peveril Castle was just "there" but visitor fees now help to maintain the site which is managed by English Heritage.

Peveril Castle, Castelton

Peveril Castle is named after William Peverel, a Norman strongman associated with William the Conqueror, who founded the castle soon after 1066, though there is no evidence he was William's bastard son, as is usually quoted in the guide books.

Peveril Castle, Castleton, Derbyshire

Peveril Castle is one of England's earliest Norman castles and was built to control the Royal Forest of the Peak, a royal hunting ground enjoyed by the Norman kings and their knights. The castle's keep was added by Henry II in 1176.

Peveril Castle, Derbyshire

Peveril Castle's keep includes a garderobe, a medieval lavatory and a small chamber with rounded windows.

Peveril Castle, Castleton, Peak District

Castleton's annual festival, held annually on May 29 is the "Garland Day" or "Oak Apple Day", when a Garland King wearing a huge garland of flowers parades through the village.

Castleton is a good place to begin a hike in the Peak District to such local beauty spots as Cavedale, Winnats Pass and Mam Tor.

Other places to see in and around the Castleton area in Derbyshire include Buxton, Eyam Hall, Eyam Stocks and the picturesque Hope Valley.

Peveril Castle, Derbyshire

Peveril Castle
Market Place
S33 8WQ
Tel: 01433 620613
Admission: 4.50 GBP for adults
Map of Castleton

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