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Friday, October 12, 2012

Stockport Viaduct

Stockport Viaduct is one of the world's largest brick structures with an estimated 11 million bricks used in its construction. The viaduct was widened from 1887-1889 and was featured in the art work of L.S. Lowry as an example of imposing industrial architecture.

Stockport Viaduct Arch

The original Stockport Viaduct was built as long ago as 1839-40 by the architect John Lowe in partnership with the engineer George Watson Buck. The electric power lines were added in the 1960s.

Stockport Viaduct Manchester

Stockport Viaduct is 1786 ft long and 111ft high with 27 arches. Travellers will pass over Stockport Viaduct on their journey north by train from Stockport Station to Piccadilly in Manchester. The Stockport Viaduct gets a brief mention in Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North and South.

Stockport Viaduct

Things to see in Stockport in Greater Manchester include Stockport Town Hall, Chadkirk Chapel, Staircase House, Stockport Story, Stockport Air Raid Shelters, St Mary's Church, Bramhall Hall, Woodbank Park, Vernon Park, Stockport Market, Fred Perry's birthplace, Woodbank Park, the Hat Works and Stockport Art Gallery.

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