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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fentiman's Beverages

Fentiman's, established in 1905 is a maker of original British beverages such as Dandelion & Burdock, Lemonade, Cola, Tonic, Shandy and Ginger Ale.

Fentiman's Beverages, UK

The original business grew out of a botanically brewed recipe for a beverage given as collateral on a loan that was never re-paid.

Over a hundred years on Fentiman's is still going strong and is still family owned. Fentiman's bottled drinks can be purchased in shops, restaurants and bars. See the company website below for more details.

Fentiman's Beverages, UK

Fentimans UK
6 Rear Battle Hill, Hexham
Northumberland, NE46 1BB
Tel: 01434 609847

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