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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Highland Park Whisky

Highland Park Whisky produced on the Orkney Islands has been named The Best Spirit in the World not once but twice.

Highland Park Whisky, Orkney, Scotland

Highland Park produces fine Scottish single malt whiskey aged from 12-40 years old.

Highland Park Whisky, Scotland.

The brand's foundation is associated with the colorful character of Magnus Eunson in the late 18th century, though the distillery officially gained its license in 1826.

Highland Park Whisky, Orkney, Scotland.

Founded in 1798 and located just outside Kirkwall, the main town on Orkney, the Highland Park distillery is the most northerly distillery in Scotland (half a mile farther north than the neighbouring Scapa distillery).

Highland Park Whisky, Orkney, Scotland, UK.

The name of the whisky doesn't come from the area of Scotland known as The Highlands - as many people assume - but from the fact that the distillery was founded on an area called "High Park".

Highland Park Whisky, Orkney, Scotland, Britain.

Highland Park is one of the few distilleries to malt its own barley, using locally cut peat from Hobbister Moor. The peat is then mixed with heather before being used as fuel. The distilleries single matls gave won numerous awards; in 1984, Highland Park was the only whisky ever to have scored a rating of 100% by the regular tasting team of The Scotsman newspaper.

Highland Park Whisky, Orkney, Scotland, UK.

The distillery offers a number of tours, ranging from £7.50 to £75 per person. These include a short film, a guided tour of the site, and sampling of various whiskies.

Highland Park Whisky, Orkney, Scotland, UK.

Highland Park
Holm Road, Kirkwall
Orkney, KW15 1SU
Tel: +44(0) 1856 874619

Highland Park Whisky, Orkney, Scotland, UK.

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