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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Baby Names

With Britain celebrating the birth of a son to Prince William and Kate Middleton, the public are wondering what will be the name of the new royal, the third in line to the British throne.

Royal Baby Names
Edward is an unlikely name for the new royal baby
When Prince William himself was born it was seven days before his parents: Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced his name to the wider world.

Heavy favourites with the bookmakers are George and James, as the name will have to have a royal connection, probably that of a past monarch.

Definitely out are John, there has only ever been one King John, a king with (an unfairly) bad reputation thanks to the Robin Hood legend and also not in the running is Henry.

The last king Henry, Henry VIII, killed too many of his wives, for another King Henry to rule the land. Edward is also a non-runner, as the last King Edward, Edward VIII, abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson, just before World War II and even had a good word for Hitler and the Nazis.

There has only been one King Stephen, a monarch whose reign was marked by civil war and anarchy. Richard III was the last King Richard and his reputation was destroyed by William Shakespeare, so Richard is probably out.

It's unlikely the royal parents and the royal household will return to the more ancient names of England's kings such as Arthur, Alfred, Edmund or Edgar, but it might happen, you never know, setting off a trend for old English names. The last King Edgar was crowned in Bath Abbey in 973.

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