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Monday, September 30, 2013

Covent Garden Underground Station

Covent Garden Underground Station is one of the busiest stations on the London tube network as it serves the popular tourist attraction of Covent Garden and is close to many theatres, museums and shops.

Covent Garden Underground Station, London

Covent Garden Underground Station is in Travelcard Zone 1 on the Piccadilly Line between Leicester Square and Holborn stations. Covent Garden Station building is a Grade II listed building located at the corner of Long Acre and James Street.

Covent Garden Underground Station, London, UK

The platforms at Covent Garden Station are very deep and are accessed only by stairs and a lift, not escalators, at present.

The distance between Covent Garden Station and Leicester Square is only 260m, the shortest on the network.

Covent Garden Station
Long Acre

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