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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reading Festival 2013

Every year since 1971 around 90,000 people have gathered in Reading on the August bank holiday weekend to, essentially, watch some great bands in a large field.

The Reading Festival Main Stage has been host to bands as big as The Rolling Stones, The Who and Nirvana, and this year, in 2013, the line-up included 3 of the biggest artists of the last 15, even 20, years. Green Day, Eminem and Biffy Clyro all made appearances headlining the main stage at Reading 2013 and certainly made the weekend one to remember.

Reading Festival 2013, UK
Reading 2013 Headliners - Biffy Clyro 

Like all of the biggest music festivals in the world currently, weekend camping tickets are around £200. Most people tend to arrive on the Thursday morning to set up camp and get settled in their spot. The music starts on Friday morning and lasts until Sunday night, with roughly 90 artists appearing across 8 stages every day.

Reading Festival 2013, UK
BBC 1/NME Stage - Django Django 

A normal day at the festival starts with an early rise, (courtesy of the sun), and a roam across the campsite to find some food. There's a huge selection of food in the campsite and the music arena, from pizza and flatbread to stir-fry and spring rolls, so you never go hungry.

The arena opens and music starts at 11am, when only a few thousand people have decided to leave their campsite, and carries on through to 11:30pm, by which time the entire audience is in there cheering or singing along to the headliner's encore.

Reading Festival
Reading 2013 Main Stage - Foals 

The end of the weekend is marked by a huge fireworks display as Sunday night's headliners play their final song. After then getting over the fact that the weekend is almost over, thousands of people head to the Silent Dance Tent, where you get a pair of headphones and have no control what you listen to. You could be listening to Nirvana while your friend's listening to Adele, but you just dance through it.

Reading Festival 2013, UK
Sunday Night Fireworks

Monday morning is when everyone packs up their tents and heads to their cars or to Reading train station and leaves an outrageous amount of rubbish behind at the campsite. That's when you feel bad for the guys who clean up after the tens-of-thousands-of festival-goers.

Reading Festival 2013
One group's rubbish on Monday morning

Reading Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the world and has become a part of English heritage over the last 40 years.

Trains from Paddington Station and Bristol Temple Meads run to Reading.

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