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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bike in Bath

Bike in Bath is a public cycle hire service scheme in the city of Bath. Bike in Bath offers a real alternative to the car for short trips around town. Bike sharing schemes such as Bike in Bath are a highly practical form of urban transport in terms of time and cost. Bike in Bath's four docking stations, located at important arrival points and city centre locations, offer residents and visitors an environmentally-friendly, pleasant and practical alternative to walking or driving as well as an exciting way to explore Bath’s places of interest.

Bike in Bath, docking station, UK

There are four Bike in Bath docking stations in the city of Bath at the following locations:
1. Orange Grove next to the Guildhall– 14 racks
2. Railway Place next to Bath Spa Station – 15 racks
3. Charles Street outside Green Park Station – 11 racks
4. Sydney Place outside the Holburne Museum – 15 racks

Bike in Bath, Somerset, UK

Visitors to Bath may want to cycle to locations such as the William Herschel Museum or the Prior Park Landscape Garden.

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