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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sensory Garden Bath

A sensory garden is a garden designed to be accessible and enjoyable to both disabled and non-disabled visitors. The purpose of a sensory garden is to provide sensory opportunities for a visitor which he/she may not normally experience.

Sensory Garden in Henrietta Park, Bath

The sensory garden in Bath's Henrietta Park is planted with many sweetly scented flowers and shrubs.

Sensory Garden with flowers, Henrietta Park, Bath

The sensory garden in Henrietta Park in Bath occasionally hosts theatrical performances such as The Wind in the Willows in May 2012.

Sensory Garden flowered path, Bath, UK

Henrietta Park and its sensory garden are hidden away just north of Great Pulteney Street and within easy walking distance of other attractions in central Bath such as Bath Abbey as well as the Holburne Museum.

Henrietta Street
Tel: 01225 394041

Henrietta Park map

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