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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Skips In Britain

As British as fish and chips and red pillar boxes? A true British icon to rank with the Sunday Roast and K6 telephone boxes? Yes, the skip is right up there in the top ten of British icons, in my opinion.

Skips In Britain

Houses or commercial premises to be cleared? Right, soon enough a bemused and lost-looking driver with a skip appears. It might be blue, yellow, green, white whatever, but a dependable steel box appears outside the property to be torn down and sacked, so that's a very green light for anyone in the neighbourhood to dump all their un-wantables. Just don't let the skip-renters see you!

Remember that 1980's concrete-lined Russian washing-machine your brother gave you up in Manchester, and leaked from the get-go? Where did it go? The skip in Archway, though it took three of us to get in there. A-level revision papers and folders? Your ex-tenants' bed sheets and plastic bin liners of shredded wallpaper? That wooden ramp for the wheelchair for Grandad? Yes, you guessed it...the skip.

Skips In Britain

What happens to all the stuff that get's bunged into skips across the UK? Is it recycled? You would expect not, and that Grannie's old chamber pot and your 1970's record collection ends in landfill off the Essex coast, or does it?

Well yes and no is the answer. The best waste management companies in the UK promise to recycle 80% of your skip: things such as bricks, cardboard, metals, wood etc with less than 20% going into landfill. The worst operators will just toss the lot.

Skips In Britain

An empty skip weighs about 250kg.

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