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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Old Crown Pub in Bath

The Old Crown is a traditional pub in Weston (just outside of Bath). Patrons can enjoy the food, drink, curry & steak nights, karaoke and live music. The Old Crown is also dog friendly.

Old Crown Pub, Weston, Bath, UK

The Old Crown features a fenced garden with plenty of outdoor seating in a tree-lined setting.

Old Crown Pub, garden, Weston, Bath, UK

The Old Crown features Old Speckled Hen (see below) among other ales and beers on tap.

Old Crown Pub, Old Speckled Hen ale, Bath, UK

Visitors to the Old Crown may also enjoy visiting the the nearby Primrose Hill Community Woodland or Kelston Round Hill.

1 Crown Hill
Tel: 01225 423371

Old Crown pub map

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