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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Roman Museum Canterbury

The Roman Museum in Canterbury, Kent is well worth visiting on a joint ticket with the outstanding Canterbury Heritage Museum.

The Roman Museum Canterbury, Kent, UK

Renovated in 2013, the Canterbury Roman Museum is built over the remains of a Roman dwelling with some of its mosaics and part of the original under-floor heating (hypocausts) still intact. The remains were "discovered" after war-time bombing by the German Luftwaffe and subsequent excavations of the cellars of damaged buildings in the former Longmarket area of the city.

The Roman Museum presents a reverse time-line as visitors travel back from the present day to the Roman settlement of Durovernon (as Canterbury was then called) in 150-300 CE.

The Roman Museum Canterbury, Kent, England

Exhibits include Roman glass pieces, ceramics, swords, tools and figurines of Roman deities. An extremely rare Roman cavalry horse-harness is also on display. Both a Roman dining-room and a market place are recreated so visitors can experience something of what it was like to have lived in Roman Britain. You can also try on a toga and don a Roman helmet.

The Roman Museum Canterbury, England, Britain

Canterbury Roman Museum
Butchery Lane
Kent, CT1 2JR
Tel: 01227 785575
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-5pm.
Admission £6.00 for adults; £10.00 joint ticket with the Canterbury Heritage Museum

Visitors are recommended to visit the nearby Canterbury Cathedral.

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