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Monday, February 10, 2014

Soho Joe's London

Soho is most often associated with fashion, sex and music, but the cafes and restaurants are now what bring a lot of people into the area for an evening.

Soho Joe's London

Soho Joe's, located at 22-25 Dean Street, is one of London's best-known places to go for an affordable, incredibly high quality pizza.

Pastas, salads and hot sandwiches are also on the menu, but the delicious pizza made with fresh, organic ingredients and cooked in a real pizza oven are what have given the restaurant its name.

Soho Joe's London

With 12" pizzas at only £10 each, great value for money is definitely a phrase to be associated with Soho Joe's and its menu.

Soho Joe's
22-25 Dean Street
Tel: 7534 134398

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