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Monday, March 17, 2014

Greenwich Meridian

The Greenwich Meridian is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greenwich, south east London. Tourists queue to have their photos taken astride the red line that makes the division between the eastern and western hemispheres.

Greenwich Meridian, London, UK

Greenwich Meridian is also central to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), a world standard for time zones since 1884.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich in Flamsteed House was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and contains a rare 24-hour clock, a planetarium, the John Harrison collection of marine timekeepers, the UK's largest refracting telescope and an exhibition about Greenwich Mean Time.

Other attractions in Greenwich include the Cutty Sark, the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Greenwich Market, Greenwich Park, the National Maritime Museum, the Old Royal Naval College and Nelson's Ship in a Bottle.

24 hour clock, Greenwich Meridian.

Take the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) to Cutty Sark Station or train from London Bridge to Greenwich Station (8 minutes). There are regular 188 buses to Greenwich from Euston Station. Buses 177, 180, 199, 286 and 386 all go to Greenwich. Closed Mondays.

Greenwich Meridian, Royal Observatory, London

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