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Monday, May 12, 2014

Queen Square Bath

Queen Square was developed by the architect John Wood, the Elder.  Wood intended to restore Bath to its former glory as one of the most important cities in Britain. In 1725, Wood developed an ambitious plan for his home town with Queen Square as a key component. Queen Square is named in honour of Queen Caroline, wife of King George II. Wood intended Queen Square to appear like a palace with wings and a forecourt. Wood also understood that visitors of the time enjoyed parading so he provided for wide streets with raised pavements and a central garden.

The obelisk in the centre of Queen Square (see below) was erected by Beau Nash in 1738 in honour of Frederick, Prince of Wales. It was originally surrounded by a circular pool and was 21 metres high, but it was shortened after being damaged by a strong gale in 1815.

Queen Square Bath Beau Nash obelisk England

All of the buildings surrounding Queen Square have now been designated by English Heritage as Grade I listed buildings. In addition, Queen Square hosts attractions throughout the year including a French market, an Italian market, and Boules weekend.

Queen Square Bath, building, UK

Visitors to Queen Square should also check out nearby Gay Street, the Jane Austen Centre as well as the Royal Crescent.

Queen Square map

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