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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Empire Hotel in Bath

The Empire Hotel in Bath was built in 1901, and it has been designated as a Grade II listed building. The Empire Hotel is located on Orange Grove near both Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge.

The Empire Hotel was designed by the architect Major Charles Edward Davis for the hotelier Alfred Holland. The Empire Hotel is built from Bath Stone.

Empire Hotel, River Avon, Bath, England

The Empire Hotel has six floors plus an octagonal corner tower. The architecture of the roof shows the three social classes: a castle on the corner for the upper class, a house for the middle classes, and a cottage for the lower classes. The Empire Hotel was remodeled in the 1990s and became flats and a restaurant.

Empire Hotel, Pulteney weir, Bath, England

Visitors to central Bath should also visit the nearby St Michael's church or take a ride on one of the Pulteney Cruisers.

The Empire Hotel map

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