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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hunstanton The Wash

Hunstanton ("Hunston") is a small seaside town in west Norfolk on the east coast of England facing The Wash. Hunstanton is known for its red sandstone cliffs topped with chalk and also for the fact that as it faces west, it is one of the few places on the east coast of England where you can see a sunset over the sea.

Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

Hunstanton grew as a resort in the 19th century when a railway line was built from King's Lynn in the 1860's (now closed).

The existence of the resort built close to the existing village of Hunstanton was due to the considerable entrepreneurial talents of Henry Styleman Le Strange (1815–1862).

Nowadays, Hunstanton still draws extensive summer crowds to visit the aquarium, fairground, the Esplanade Gardens, the Oasis Leisure Centre, seal sanctuary, Wednesday and Sunday local produce markets and to ride the Wash Monster for tours of the coastline.

The Wash Monster, Hunstanton

The amphibious Wash Monster offers tours along the Norfolk coast to see the lighthouse, the village of Old Hunstanton, and the wreck of The Sheraton, a trawler requisitioned by the Royal Navy during World War II, that ran aground in a storm in 1947. The Wash Monster also ferries visitors to a boat to view the seals on the sandbanks, where over 3,000 Common Seals can be seen.

Hunstanton, The Wash, Norfolk

The beach at Hunstanton was first awarded Blue Flag status in 2011 and the sea is popular with wind surfers. Dogs are not allowed on the beach from Easter until the end of October.

The Wash Monster, Hunstanton, Norfolk

Hunstanton offers a variety of accommodation from holiday chalets to hotels. Bed & Breakfast places include the Sunset Inn, the Gate Lodge Guest House and the 4-star Shellbrooke. The Caley Hall Hotel in Old Hunstanton comes recommended. View a complete listing of accommodation in Hunstanton.

Hunstanton The Wash

Hunstanton is a 30 minute drive from King's Lynn on the A149.

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