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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scarborough Spa Complex

Scarborough's history as a tourist resort dates back to the discovery of spa waters way back in the 17th century at South Bay.

Scarborough Spa Complex, Yorkshire

People began to come in numbers to take the waters in what was to become Britain's first seaside resort. In 1873, Britain's first funicular railway was built to bring visitors from South Cliff Esplanade to the Scarborough Spa.

The waters were declared unsafe in the 1930's but visitors continued to come for the entertainment on offer at the Scarborough Spa

The Scarborough Spa Complex visitors see today dates back to the 1880's and includes the Spa Theatre, the Grand Hall concert hall, the Promenade Lounge and the the Ocean Room.

Scarborough Spa Complex

The Scarborough Spa Complex now hosts jazz and classical music concerts, conferences, theatrical shows, dances and wedding receptions and also brings people to enjoy the bars, cafes and relaxing views.

The Spa
South Bay
North Yorkshire
YO11 2HD
Tel: 01723 82 1888

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