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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Crown Liquor Saloon

The Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is one of Belfast's most historic drinking places and a tourist attraction in its own right due to its fantastic external architecture and unique internal decoration.

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast, NI

The Crown Liquor Saloon dates from the 1880's and the exterior tiling and interior wooden snugs and stained glass are testament to the "overtime" of Italian craftsmen, whom the then owner Michael Flanagan paid to work on his pub after their day shift labouring on a number of churches in the city at the time.

The Crown Liquor Saloon is a superb example of a Victorian gin palace and well worth seeking out at lunch time or in the evening for a drink or something to eat.

The historic bar was purchased by the National Trust in 1978 after pressure by such luminaries as the poet Sir John Betjeman to preserve it and the Crown Liquor Saloon was further refurbished in 2007.

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast, NI

The bar is now run by Nicholson's, who provide a wide range of cask ales and delicious Irish food including pork and black-pudding sausages and rare roast beef and mushroom salad.

The Crown Liquor Saloon
46 Great Victoria Street
County Antrim
Tel: 028 9024 3187

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