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Monday, November 24, 2014

Republican Murals in Belfast

The murals in Belfast and (London)Derry are now as much of the tourist scene in Northern Ireland as the Giant's Causeway. Taxi tours of the best murals out of the 300 or so "quality" murals can be arranged by taxi. Check with the local tourist office for the best deals.

Republican Murals in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Many of Northern Ireland's murals reflect the religious and political divide in the country during the so-called Troubles of the late 1960's to the 1990's.

Not all murals however are political or religious in design and can portray other topics such as social causes, sports and even humour.

Republican Murals in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

Murals reflect the shared values and beliefs of the communities where they were painted and are mostly found in working class areas. They are often found on the end walls of terraced houses.

Republican Murals in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Britain.

Various books on the subject of murals in Northern Ireland include Politics and Painting: Murals and Conflict in Northern Ireland, Murals of Derry and Drawing Support 4.

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