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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Birmingham Big Hoot

There is still a few weeks left to catch the Big Hoot, the biggest free public art event ever held in Birmingham. Until the end of September, 89 large sculptures of owls are on display all over the city.

The Birmingham Big Hoot.

The vast majority are located outside, but a few are indoors. Each sculpture is 165 cm in height and has been uniquely painted and decorated by national and local artists and designers. Maps can be downloaded or picked up at various locations that show a variety of routes to visit the owls by walking, cycling, bus or train.

The Birmingham Big Hoot, UK.

An app for smart phones or tablets let you scan each owl and find out about the unique story behind each design. After the project has finished the statues will be auctioned and all proceeds will go to Birmingham Children's Hospital.

The Birmingham Big Hoot, England.

Running concurrently is the Little Hoot, featuring 122 smaller owl sculptures decorated by children at local schools and other community organizations. These are on display at 18 "parliaments", the collective noun for a group of owls, also scattered across the city. The Big Hoot and Little Hoot have been organized by Wild In Art, an organization that has produced dozens of similar events across the country and in several other countries.

Jake Davies



The Birmingham Big Hoot, UK.

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