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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Scapa Distillery Orkney

Scapa, the "artisanal" single malt Scotch whisky from the Orkney Islands, owned by Chivas Brothers, recently unveiled its first-ever distillery visitor centre as it seeks to educate malt connoisseurs about its unique production process, provenance and quality.

Scapa Distillery Orkney, Scotland.

The opening marks the first occasion that the Scapa facilities have been open to the public since the distillery began business back in 1885.

The Scapa whisky distillery had been distilling since long before, having been founded by Messrs. Macfarlane and Townsend in 1885. The little huddle of buildings lies just outside of Kirkwall at Scapa Bay, and the distillery draws its waters from the Lingro Burn. Scapa is unique for an island whisky as its malted barley is entirely unpeated - this produces an especially honey flavoured alcohol.

Scapa Distillery Orkney Scotland UK.

The Scapa distillery is the second most northerly distillery in Scotland (half a mile farther south than the nearby Highland Park distillery).

The new Scapa visitor centre and tour are open to adults seven days per week from April to September, and five days per week from September to November.

Scapa Distillery
Scapa Flow
KW15 1SE
Tel: 01856 876585

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