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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Walmer Beach

Walmer Beach in East Kent is a shingle beach stretching from Walmer to Deal and is ideal for strolling or walking with views of the French coast on very clear days.

Walmer Beach, East Kent.

Begin at the 1000ft-long Deal Pier and head south past Deal and Walmer castles to the Zetland Arms (one of Kent's finest pubs) and then up over the white chalk cliffs to Kingsdown, where The Coastguard pub also offers a range of food and fine Kentish ales.

Walmer Beach, Kent.

Julius Caesar is thought to have landed on Walmer Beach on his mini invasions of Britain in 55 BC and 54 BC.

Now the only invasions are by people jogging, cycling and sea fishing. In fact, Walmer is one of Britain's quieter beaches with people coming here in the summer to enjoy the free music on the bandstand and maybe and fish and chips on the front.

Walmer Beach, Kent, UK.

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