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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dover Castle

Dover Castle in the port town of Dover in Kent is England's largest castle and one of its most important and historic fortresses.

Dover Castle, Kent UK.

Dover Castle was founded in the 11th century and built by the invading Normans on what was thought to have been the site of an early hill fort and the Roman light house (Pharos). Adjacent to the light house is the Anglo-Saxon church of St. Mary in Castro.

The castle as we know it today was begun during the reign of Henry II (1133-1189) with improvements to the castle occurring at regular intervals thereafter including during the reign of Henry VIII and during the Napoleonic Wars, when Dover Castle's strategic importance as the "key to England" was recognised. The first and only underground barracks for troops were built here during the wars with Napoleon's France.

Dover Castle, Kent, UK.

During the Second World War the underground tunnels were converted into a command center and hospital and Dover castle was once again part of Britain's defences against attack from overseas. Today Dover Castle is a Grade I listed building and a major tourist attraction now owned and operated by English Heritage, who have renovated the castle's interior.

Dover Castle, Kent, UK.

Dover Priory Station is the main station serving the town of Dover and is the southern terminus of the South Eastern Main Line from Charing Cross Station in London.

Dover Castle
Castle Hill, Dover
Kent CT16 1HU
Tel: 01304 211 067

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