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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

St Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh

St Giles’ Cathedral is the historic city church of Edinburgh. St Giles, the man, was a 7th century hermit who became became the patron saint of both a church and of Edinburgh itself. St Giles' Cathedral dates to about 1124 AD. St Giles’ Cathedral was built mostly in the fourteenth century Gothic style.
St Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland.

St Giles’ Cathedral contains nearly two hundred memorials honouring distinguished Scots. The majority of these memorials date from the 19th century and early 20th century. St Giles’ Cathedral also has a remarkable collection of stained glass windows. These windows date from the 1870s and include a wide array of styles.

St Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland.

St Giles's Cathedral is home to the Thistle Chapel which was designed by Robert Lorimer and finished in 1911. The Order of the Thistle is Scotland’s great order of chivalry, and membership is considered one of the country’s highest honours. Appointments are made at the personal discretion of the Sovereign.

St Giles’ Cathedral,
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