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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo in Chester, Cheshire is one of Britain's favourite zoos and wildlife attractions. Chester Zoo opened in 1931 and was founded by George Mottershead (1894-1978), a wildlife enthusiast.

The Islands, Chester Zoo, Chester, UK.

Chester Zoo boasts 12,000 animals from 400 different species on its spacious 125 acre garden site.

Highlights of Chester Zoo include the Tropical Realm, Britain's largest tropical house, the Realm of the Red Ape, dedicated to the endangered orangutan and Butterfly Journey, an intriguing look at the life-cycles of various butterflies from around the world.

Chester Zoo, Cheshire, UK.

Get around Chester Zoo on its impressive monorail. To get to Chester Zoo there are regular buses from Chester Station from the S6 bus stop.

Chester Zoo
Chester, CH2 1LH
Sat Nav CH2 1EU

Hours: Chester Zoo opens from 10am with closing times variable throughout the year.

Chester Zoo, Cheshire, UK.

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