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Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Islington Manchester

New Islington is a stop on the Manchester Metrolink just outside the city centre of Manchester within easy walking distance of the Northern Quarter and just one stop from Piccadilly Station.

New Islington Manchester UK.

The area has been considerably redeveloped as part of the attempted regeneration of inner city Manchester. Formerly the Cardroom Estate, part of Ancoats, the area was previously an industrial zone of mills located along the Ashton Canal and Rochdale Canal. The name "New Islington" was chosen by local residents as part of this regeneration led by the developers Urban Splash.

New Islington Manchester UK.

Chips is a modernist residential apartment building very much at the centre of the area's redevelopment. The brightly-colored wavy building was designed by architect Will Alsop and is called "Chips" as it looks like three, square cut chips balancing on one another.

New Islington Manchester UK.

Murray Mills, which was one of the first steam-powered cotton spinning factories in the world when it opened in 1804, and once employed over 1200 workers. Now parts of the original brick mill are being preserved and converted into over 120 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

New Islington Manchester UK.

Other developments include the Ice plant, previously an ice storage warehouse and Cutting Room Square.

Buses 216 and 231 run from Piccadilly Gardens to New Islington.

New Islington Manchester England.

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