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Monday, November 21, 2016

London Troxy

The Troxy is a historic Art Deco cinema-come-music venue in East London.

It originally opened in 1933 as 3520-seater cinema on the site of what was previously a brewery. Being such a grand and decorative building, it cost £250,000 to build and took several years to complete.
London Troxy.
When it opened it was the largest cinema in England, and going to see a film at Troxy was considered to be a very special event. The venue was equipped with a revolving stage, mirror-lined seating areas and glamorous chandeliers. The female staff would wear evening dresses and perfume would be sprayed during film screenings to add to the atmosphere.

London Troxy.
The Troxy closed as a cinema in 1960, partly due to the damage that London's East End suffered during the Blitz, which had a big impact on Troxy's audiences. The last film shown there in 1960 was "The Siege of Sydney Street".

It reopened in 1963 and became the home to the London Opera Centre. It then became Mecca Bingo in the 1980s, but then the company decided to go online in 2005, forcing the Troxy to close once again.

The venue was reopened again in 2006 and has stayed open since, hosting a huge variety of events ranging from film screenings, gigs and prestigious award ceremonies.

London Troxy.
One of the principal attractions of the Troxy now is it's Wurlitzer Organ, which is the largest in the world, with 1,728 pipes which are housed in four separate rooms. The Organ was originally at the London Trocadero until it was bought by the Cinema Organ Society in 1960. It was announced that it would be returned to the Troxy in 2009.

London Troxy.
The Troxy is now considered to be one of the most diverse venues in the UK.

490 Commercial Road
London, E1 0HX
Tel: 0207 790 9000

Troxy is a 3-minute walk from Limehouse Station on the DLR. Buses that pass close by to Troxy include the 15, 115, 135, D3, N15, N550 and N551.

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