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Monday, February 20, 2017

O'Meara London

O'Meara is a new venue in London that opened in 2016.

The venue was set up by Ben Lovett of the band Mumford & Sons and is based between Borough Market and London Bridge.
The idea of the venue is that 'music, food and culture come together in 7 railway arches'.

O'Meara London.
The Bar at O'Meara - https://www.facebook.com/omearalondon/

The venue's capacity is 320, making it the perfect place for club nights, talks and comedy nights, as well as being an ideal place for upcoming artists to play shows. The venue also has a gallery space, perfect for any sort of exhibition.

O'Meara London.
A live show at O'Meara - https://www.instagram.com/omearalondon/ 

O'Meara has gone for the slightly vintage, derelict aesthetic, with peeling paint and bare brick walls, but behind the facade is a state-of-the-art sound system fantastic stage area.

Upcoming shows at O'Meara include Maggie Rogers, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Wild Beasts. Tickets are available from their online site - http://www.omearalondon.com/events/

O'Meara London.
Benjamin Francis Leftwich O'Meara Promotion Poster - http://www.omearalondon.com/events/benjamin-francis-leftwich/ 

6 O'Meara Street,
London Bridge,

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