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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pierreponts Café

Pierreponts is a café and restaurant located in Goring-on-Thames, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea, and dinner on Fridays.

Pierreponts Café.
Pierreponts - http://www.visitgoringandstreatley.co.uk

It is a small establishment with mismatched furniture and decor, making it feel homely and comfortable.

Pierreponts Café, Goring-on-Thames.
Pierreponts' Interior - https://www.facebook.com/pg/pierrepontscafe

There is a variety of food on offer, from quiches and tarts to salads and sandwiches, but all of it is equally as beautifully presented and tasty. There is also a very long list of teas available, as well as may other hot drinks and soft drinks. The chilli hot chocolate is certainly a favourite.

The counter is covered in cakes, slices and cookies, all of which are baked by local residents who bring in their baked goods in return for a small payment. The quality is outstanding, and of course it means that what's on offer varies all the time.

Pierreponts Café.
The cake counter at Pierreponts - https://www.facebook.com/pg/pierrepontscafe

The café is usually very busy, so they recommend booking a table, which you can do by phoning them on 01491874464.

Pierreponts is also located right next to a particularly scenic part of the River Thames, and there are plenty of great walks you can do from it's doorstep, including up Streatley Hill.

Pierreponts Café.
The Thames at Goring - http://www.annescountrygallery.co.uk

Opening Times:
Tuesday-Saturday 8am-5pm & Friday evenings 6-11pm

1 High Street,

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