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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Parrot Canterbury

Medieval beams,  oak floorboards and three open fires welcome you to The Parrot in Canterbury. The Parrot boasts well-cooked, flavoursome food & quality local cask ales.

Parrot Canterbury.

The Parrot is the oldest pub in Canterbury. In fact, The Parrot, which was built in the 15th century, is located in one of the oldest buildings in Canterbury. The Parrot's construction was contemporaneous with the construction of the famous Cathedral towers a few hundred yards away. The Parrot pub was called Simple Simon's until 2008 but was originally called St Radigund's Hall. It was named after the monks of St Radigund at Bradsole near Dover.

Parrot Canterbury.

The exterior of The Parrot can be viewed at any time, but only customers of the pub can view the interior.

Parrot Canterbury.

Visitors to The Parrot should sample the food and ales but should also be sure not to miss the nearby cathedral and Westgate.

Parrot Canterbury
1-9 Church Lane
St Radigans

Tel: 01227 454170
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