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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Royal Pavilion Brighton

The Royal Pavilion, aka the Brighton Pavilion, was a former royal residence built for the Prince Regent, the future George IV. The palace was built in stages beginning in 1787.

The building seen today with its domes and minarets in an exotic Indian style is the work of architect John Nash, who started work on the residence in 1815, transforming it from a modest seaside villa in to what we can see today.

Nash is known for his work in London, which included parts of Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Regent's Street and Marble Arch.

Brighton Pavilion, Brighton.

The Royal Pavilion became a seaside pleasure palace and a luxurious setting for the extravagant lifestyle of drinking and gambling of the Prince Regent together with his long-time companion, Maria Fitzherbert. The sea air and dips in the sea were also thought to be good for the Prince's gout.

Royal Pavilion Brighton.

The Royal Pavilion and the presence of the spendthrift prince had a stimulating effect on the town of Brighton, which grew exponentially during this period.

However, after George's death future monarchs hardly visited the palace and eventually Queen Victoria sold the building to the city of Brighton in 1850. The civic authorities opened the building to the public as Brighton became a seaside resort for Londoners with the opening of the railway in 1841.

During World War I the Royal Pavilion served as a hospital for Indian troops wounded on the Western front. Since 1920 restoration on the Royal Pavilion has been ongoing to return the building to its Regency splendour complete with the Chinese furniture and wallpapers so beloved by the Prince.

Royal Pavilion
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Hours: October to March: 10am-5.15pm (last tickets at 4.30pm); April to September: 9.30am-5.45pm (last tickets at 5pm) Closed 24 December (from 2.30pm), 25 & 26 December

Adults £13.00; Children (age 5-15) £7.50

Access: The Royal pavilion is a 15 minute walk from Brighton Railway Station and only 5 minutes from Pool Valley Coach Station.

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