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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Plain English Campaign

The offices of the Plain English Campaign are based in the small Derbyshire town of New Mills.

Plain English Campaign.

The Plain English Campaign is part of the life's work of Chrissie Maher OBE, who has waged a long struggle for government departments and other organizations in Britain to produce clear and concise English that is easily understood by ordinary people.

Chrissie Maher began her campaign by shredding official documents in Parliament Square in 1979 and since that day has waged a constant struggle against bureaucratic jargon and gobbledygook.

Plain English Campaign.

Now a growing number of official bodies have their communications edited and approved by the Plain English Campaign including local councils, companies, and fire and police services.

Plain English Campaign
PO Box 3
New Mills
High Peak
SK22 4QP
Tel: 01663 744409

The Plain English Campaign is located in a late 19th century stone building on the main street in New Mills up from the Torrs Riverside Park.

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