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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Guy Fawkes Birthplace

Guy Fawkes (aka Guido Fawkes) was born in Stonegate, York, close to York Minster in 1570. His subsequent capture underneath the Houses of Parliament on November 5, 1605, while attempting to blow up the building and assassinate King James I of England in the so-called "Gunpowder Plot," is celebrated each year on Guy Fawkes' Day.

Fawkes was actually the son of a Protestant, but his mother came from a family of recusant Catholics and later remarried a Catholic, after her first husband died while Guy was still a young boy.

York at the time was a center of Catholic militancy and it is believed that the young Guy moved towards that faith while at school and in the modern parlance became "radicalized" - leading to him leaving for the continent to join the Spanish army fighting Dutch Protestants in the Low Countries.

Guy Fawkes Birthplace.

Guy Fawkes joined the plot led by the hapless Robert Catesby to blow up the Houses of Parliament but was discovered guarding the gunpowder under the building and after two days of relentless torture began to reveal details of the conspiracy.

Fawkes jumped to his death from his gallows in Westminster in January 1606, breaking his neck and thus avoiding the pain of being hung, drawn and quartered. A fate that befell his lifeless body.

In some ways, the story of Guy Fawkes - one of Britain's first terrorists - is somewhat prescient of modern terrorism. Radicalized in his home country, Fawkes left to fight in a foreign army, adopting a nom de guerre (Guido) and then bringing his knowledge of explosives back in an attempt to change the political status quo.

Nowadays Guy Fawkes' birthplace is a popular and fashionable four-star inn and restaurant, the Guy Fawkes Inn.

Guy Fawkes Inn
City Centre
High Petergate
Tel: 01904 623716

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