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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rheidol Railway Wales

The Rheidol Railway (Rheilffordd Cwm Rheidol) in Wales is known as one of the "Great Little Trains of Wales".

Rheidol Railway Wales.

The Vale of Rheidol Railway travels 20 kilometres from the town of Aberystwyth to Devil's Bridge, climbing nearly 200 metres to reach Devil's Bridge Station, nestled deep within the Plynlimon Mountains.

The railway began in 1902 to carry timber to and lead ore from the mines of the Rheidol Valley. The railway has been in continuous operation as part of the nationalized railways from 1948, then the privatized railways since 1989 and now as a heritage railway.

Rheidol Railway Wales.

The lead mining in the area went into decline soon after the opening of the railway and more so with the onset of World War I, so the railway switched to mostly passenger traffic serving tourists from the indudtrial cities of Liverpool and Manchester.

Rheidol Railway
Check the official website (above) for the timetable and fares on the railway.

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